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The Upp paradigm

Before you begin using Upp, we want to introduce our principles and approach. Upp is absolutely unique product based on our special vision of business management. If you share our views, you’ll really love Upp.

Our story

Our software development company was founded in the distant 2006. Since that time we are making websites and business apps. We have years of experience in business automation.
In 2013 we came up with the idea of diversification, which would give us a stable income in this unstable world. Now we own several online and offline stores, travel agency, software development company, marketing agency and a car workshop.
Our body repair shop
Despite wide range of activities, our team is tiny: not more than 20 employees (by 2023). Some of us work on several business areas simultaneously. Most of us have free schedule. We don't have an office. We try to concentrate on efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate atavisms like eight-hour working day.
The first Upp prototype was made in 2014 for our own purposes. We needed a software to manage our various businesses centrally and remotely. After some time we got tired of carrying laptops everywhere, so new requirement appeared: our software must be adapted for smartphones.
In 2019 we decided to create a commercial product: the mobile-first all-in-one business automation solution. We’ve chosen the best platform to achieve great security, uptime and scalability — Google Firebase. The development took more than two years and involved all our knowledge and best practices in business automation. This is how Upp was born.
Now Upp is used in various businesses all around the world. Each one has its own quirks, so every new customer brings us new ideas, making Upp even more useful, efficient and unique.

The mission

Our mission is to earn more and do less 😉
We don't want to spend much time at work. We have many other interests: traveling, good food and drinks, sports and hobbies, spending time with our beloved ones.
We want to provide enterprise level of service and quality for our clients, despite we are just "small" or "microbusiness". So we can set high prices while having low expenses.

The vision

To achieve this, we must have an instrument that will be always at hand, wherever we are. It must be mobile-first. It must allow us to see the whole picture of our business activities and share information within the team. It must be fast, secure and easy to use. It must increase our customers satisfaction, representing us as a good trustworthy company.

The values

Freedom, tranquility, fun and well-being.
We don't have working hours. We can relax in a restaurant and ship order at the same time. No rush, no stress.
We don't deify meetings, statistics, charts, deadlines, KPI, ROI and other pretentious abbreviations. We believe business can do well without all this boring stuff!
We don't have precise business processes, and it's not a disadvantage. We are flexible, customer-oriented and informal. That's why our clients are our friends.
We are beyond competition.

The super-app conception

Upp is a set of business instruments which can be used separately or together. Upp can be accessed from any browser or installed as an app on any Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS device. The interface is the same on any device. Data is syncronized between devices in real time. And of course, Upp is multi-user.
Currently, Upp has 6 core tools:
Upp tools are interconnected. For example, you can make financial records within the order (order payment and expenses). Or you can add your order to the schedule. As you can see from the diagram, the Orders tool is the most important, because the deal may contain financial and stock transactions, documents, schedule entries and tasks.
Upp is multi-business solution. You can create any number of Upp tools and set up any connections between them to manage all your businesses from one app and one account.

The smart notepad

Most of CRMs and accounting apps are so complicated that finally you spend more time on them than on your Excel spreadsheets or other archaic tools.
We created Upp to save your time.
You'll probably agree that the most simple tool to keep records is a notepad. But there is a couple of problems. Your notes are clear only for you and can hardly be shared with someone else. They are poorly structured and sometimes uneasy to search. They can be lost or damaged. They don't provide any automation.
We try to make Upp work as a "smart notepad". The interface is designed to take minimum time on adding data. So, wherever you are, just open your Upp app and add something in few taps.
To achieve this goal, we had to reduce the number of obligatory fields. Yes, your data can be less structurized, but you won't go crazy filling out a lot of fields as it is in other business apps.
As a result, Upp can be used even when you are driving a car or babysitting!

The illusion of "lack" of automation

Maybe you are looking for some "magical" app that will consolidate all your chats from all messengers. Maybe you want it to be integrated with your bank to automate payments processing.
We have to dissapoint you — Upp can’t provide such a level of automation. And here is why...
Let's begin with messengers. First of all, if you want to gather all your chats in one app, you will need to use built-in chat in this app. It took years for WhatsApp to create their amazing chat interface. We don't think you'll get such a smooth experience in your aggregator app. Moreover, if we take WhatsApp integration as an example, it's pretty difficult (official integration) or expensive (unofficial way) to implement. Upp doesn't have built-in chat, but you can go to the conversation in WhatsApp or Telegram with just one tap, without adding client to your contacts.
As for banking data synchronization, how many payments do you receive in a day? If the answer is less than 50, you don't need any automation. In Upp you can manually create a payment entry in ~10-15 seconds. So to process 50 payments, you'll spend 10-15 minutes.
So, Upp gives you as much automation as you need. Trust us.
Upp is created for small and microbusinesses. If you are looking for enterprise level of automation — Upp is not the best choice.

For whom Upp is not suitable

  • For companies with more than 50 people in staff
  • For those who love fancy charts, financial forecasting and other enterprise stuff
  • For those who want to automate everything and make his personnel work like robots

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