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Upp app refresh

Upp uses amazing Google Firebase Firestore database. Your data is securely stored both on Google servers and your device. In some cases your device may store too much data which causes performance degradation. So, let's clean up your device storage!


Make sure that you don't have Upp app running and https://app.upp.app website is NOT opened in Google Chrome browser.
Open your Google Chrome browser menu:
And press "Settings":
Find "Site settings" in the bottom of the list:
Press "All sites":
Press search icon:
Look for "upp":
Sequentially open app.upp.app and https://app.upp.app and press "Clear & reset":


Open your Google Chrome browser settings:
Open "Privacy and security" in the left menu:
And then choose "Site settings" in the bottom of the list:
Find and press "View permissions and data stored across sites":
Find upp.app in the list using search bar in the right top corner and press the "trash bin" icon:
Press the "Clear" button:
You'll need to sign in to your Upp app account once again.