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Table max rows limitation

To improve performance on mobile devices, we have limited the number of records in most of the tables to a maximum of 200 records.
However, important tables (for example, active leads list, active orders list, warehouse stock) do not have this limitation (after all, you should have access to all information).
So, most of the time you won't face any problems with this limitation.

How to disable the limitation of 200 records

Sometimes it's important to view and search the whole database. So, there is a workaround!
Firstly, you can use date range filters. Results won't be limited by number of records:
Secondly, text search in Orders and Docs tools recognizes phone and TIN numbers. If you type full phone number or TIN in "Search" field above your orders or documents list, the search will be made through the whole database, even of thouthands of records:
Initially, orders search is made by phone number. Press "TIN search" to search by legal entity ID.