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How to disable billing

There are two main user roles in Upp. Admin has full access to the system, configures it and grants permissions for other users. User can only employ tools set up by the admin.
Only Admin accounts are used for Upp usage billing. Users don't pay anything.
If you turned on "Admin mode" by mistake or you want to temporarily freeze your Upp balance, you can disable "Admin mode" and become a User.
To do that, you should move all your Upp tools to archive.
Just visit each menu item (Orders, Money, Inventory, Planning, Docs), open the actions menu of each active tool and press "Move to archive" option. Finally all items must be in archive.
If file storage was used, you should delete all uploaded files as well. You'll be asked for it when you move the tool (a company or a business) to archive, or you can do it later by pressing "Delete all files" in your archieved tool actions menu.
Once you've archived everything and deleted all your files, proceed to your account settings.
There you should turn off the "Admin mode" switch.
If the switch is locked in ON position, it means that you have some active tools or undeleted files left. Check everything and try once again.