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Online bookings

Upp app is made for internal use, but if your business needs online bookings (for example, you run car repair shop) — we got you covered.
You can allow your clients to book online using our built-in public webforms.
Proceed to the "Planning" section in the main menu:
And open settings for the required schedule:
Find "Enable self-registration" switch and turn it on:
You can fill in "Services list" to allow your clients to choose the required option and its duration (the number of minutes after the item name).
You can also define your "business" (from Orders tool) to create leads automatically. Then, online bookings will arrive both in the schedule (Planning) and Orders. The lead will be automatically postponed to 15 minutes before the appointed time. You can learn more about leads management here
Copy and publish the link to your Upp online booking webform on the website or somewhere else:
We in Upp also use this feature. You may try it out here — just press "Book a time"