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Webhook integration

You can automatically get leads in your Upp app from any external system (CMS, IP telephony, etc.) using a webhook.

Turn on API requests

First, you should enable API requests in Upp. Open your account settings in the main menu:
"Admin mode" switch must be turned on:
Scroll down and find the "API" section. Turn the "Allow API connections" switch on:

Enable API for your "business"

Proceed to the Orders section in the main menu:
Open you "business" actions menu and press "Settings":
Open the "API" settings tab and turn the "Webhook" switch on:
You'll get the "Webhook URL" to use in your external system configuration:

Data structure

Send your data to Upp using the "Webhook URL". Use POST method and JSON data format:
  "source": "Lead source",
  "source2": "Lead source comment",
  "name": "Client name",
  "phone": "Client phone number",
  "email": "Client email",
  "address": "Client address",
  "lat": "Map marker latitude",
  "lng": "Map marker longitude",
  "companyname": "Client company name",
  "companyinn": "Client company ID / TIN",
  "descr": "Lead description",
  "u_field": "Some additional field - see below",
  "manageruid": "Upp user UID to assign the lead to (by default the lead will be unassigned)",
  "orderlist": [
      "sku": "Item #1 code",
      "name": "Item #1 name",
      "quantity": "Quantity",
      "measure": "Measure unit",
      "price": "Price"
      "sku": "Item #2 code",
      "name": "Item #2 name",
      "quantity": "Quantity",
      "measure": "Measure unit",
      "price": "Price"
All fields except "phone" are not mandatory. You may also send UTMs: utmsource, utmmedium, utmcampaign, utmcontent, utmterm

Sending additional fields

Take a look at the "Fields" tab in your Upp "business" settings:
Scroll down. If you have "Additional fields" in Upp, you can send them to the webhook adding "u_" prefix to the field code. For instance, you have the additional field with code "car":
Then, you can send its value to the webhook as u_car:
  "name": "John",
  "phone": "+12223334455",
  "u_car": "BMW XM",