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Integration with PayPal

PayPal is the most powerful online payment system in the world and you can ask your customers for bank card / PayPal payments and track them automatically in Upp. Generate a "payment link" and send it to your client (manually or automatically using WhatsApp / SMS or email). You'll get updated immediately when the payment is successful.

Configure PayPal

First of all, make sure PayPal is available for payouts in your country.
Create your PayPal account and go to your PayPal Developer cabinet. You need to find Apps & Credentials section. Here you must switch the Sandbox toggle to Live:
And then press Create App button:
You'll get Client ID and Secret to use in Upp settings:

Turn on API requests

Enable API requests in Upp. Open your account settings in the main menu:
"Admin mode" switch must be turned on:
Scroll down and find the "API" section. Turn the "Allow API connections" switch on:

Enable PayPal for your "wallet"

Proceed to the Money section in the main menu:
Open your "wallet" actions menu and press "Settings":
Switch "Use PayPal" toggle on:
Fill in your Client ID and Secret provided by PayPal on the previous step. If you accept another currency than US dollars, you can fill in Currency code field also. You can find the list of codes here
If the wallet will be used only for PayPal payments accounting, set the "PayPal is obligatory" checkbox.

Send payment links

Now you can set "PayPal" checkbox when making new "deposit" transaction in the wallet:
Payment link can be sent manually or automatically using our WhatsApp / SMS gateway or email notifications. When your client payment is successful, your wallet balance will be updated automatically. If the payment is related to some order or lead, its payment status will be also updated automatically.

How to set automatic notifications

Proceed to your wallet settings. Depending on what kind of notifications you'll use, activate "Clients email" or "Clients phone" in "Additional fields" section.
Next, scroll to the bottom and find "Email / SMS / WA notifications" section. Press plus button:
To send payment link automatically choose "New PayPal transaction" option in "Event" field and use #paymentlink# pattern in your notification text.
Good luck :)